Welcome to Nate Chen's Portfolio

Technology, UX and Games.

Skills & Expertise

Full-stack Web Development

One of my dreams is to let everyone have an online portfolio - an online identity.

I have extensive web development experiences using a variety of mainstream language / technologies. Tell me your need and I can at least point you to a good direction for a usable, scalable and fun website.

Innovative UX Design

Marketing is the key to success for any business and UX is the key to marketing.

I'm particularly experienced in creating efficient, creative and fun frontend experience using Javascript. It's exciting to see how Javascript has developed in recent years and I believe in its great potential.

Game Development

Video game redfines art and how people pursue happiness.

I believe everyone should try game development in this age for it's easy to visualize and quick to commercialize. I have experience with 3D modeling, game AI and 2D graphics. I love games and is developing an online indie game.

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